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White Collar Crimes

Updated: Apr 1, 2024 @ 12:55 am

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The Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates is dedicated to providing legal solutions for any individual person, or corporation, facing an indictment for white-collar criminal offense in the state of Texas. Our law firm consists of a team of legal professionals and attorneys with the experience required to successfully defend citizens and businesses who are facing prosecution for a white collar crime.

Understanding White-Collar Criminal Charges

Normally when you hear people use the phrase white-collar crime it can sometimes slip the mind that the term is legal jargon and not particularly descriptive of any single criminal offense. White-collar crime, as a term, is generally used to label nonviolent criminal offenses which turn out to be complex schemes to commit a sophisticated theft.

While on the surface there may not seem to be a victim when a white-collar crime is committed, there always are. In most cases, white-collar criminal offenses are crimes that occur in a corporate environment. In other cases, white-collar crimes are committed by fraudulent paperwork, gratuitous accounting, and persons in control of finances that they may not own, that they seek to benefit from to an extreme degree.

In other cases, executives are framed or accused of a white-collar criminal offense due to no wrongdoing on their part. If you’ve landed in this situation the Law Offices of Tad Nelson &Associates will be able to help.

Fighting White-Collar Criminal Allegations

Attorneys Tad Nelson and Amber Spurlock are experienced defense lawyers who pride themselves on thoroughly investigating all nuances involved with criminal allegations against our clients. When it comes to white-collar criminal offenses the stakes are high as a conviction can and will have devastating consequences.

The list below represents white-collar criminal offenses that are law firm has the most experience in litigating on behalf of our clients.

  • Cyber And Digital Crimes
  • Federal Drug Trafficking Offenses
  • RICO Act Violations
  • Criminally Related Civil Cases
  • Antitrust Cases
  • Counterfeit Goods Trafficking
  • Conspiracy And Bribery
  • FCPA Compliance
  • Mortgage And Bank Fraud
  • Ponzi Scheme Defense
  • Internet, Mail, And Wire Fraud
  • Medicaid And Medicare Fraud

Federal White Collar Offenses

There are number of cases in which attorneys stray away from defending people accused of criminal offenses by the federal government, and there are number of attorneys who accept clients facing federal indictments while lacking respect for what they’re up against.

Fighting the federal government in court means going up against the prosecutor has the resources of the United States of America at his/her disposal. While there are few entities on the planet, if any, that can stand up to the resources of the United States of America, persons who may be considering consulting with the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, with regard to securing legal defense in light of federal allegations, can rest assured that the Law Offices Of Tad Nelson And Associates has the resources to hold its own against the federal government in the court of law.

Galveston Drug Offense Lawyer Tad Nelson

Attorney Amber Spurlock, a former jag officer and federal prosecutor, has a keen insight into how the United States’ Attorney’s Office prepare to prosecute federal defendants, and how to prepare formidable defense strategies fit for execution during trial. This gives the law offices of tad Nelson and Associates an edge; an edge that our clients can benefit from.

Experienced Criminal Trial Litigation Attorneys

The criminal defense lawyers of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates are experienced in the court room and know how to successfully defend a person who has been accused, not convicted, but accused of a criminal offense. Attorney Tad Nelson is Board-Certified in criminal law by the Texas Board Of Legal Specialization solidifying his competence as a criminal defense lawyer.

In cases in which a person is being prosecuted for white-collar crime, generally the court is more focused on getting restitution for the victim(s) rather than prosecuting the defendant to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s always in the best interest of the prosecution, and white-collar cases, to seriously consider accepting offers made by the defense. Otherwise, they’ll most likely lose. Most prosecutors won’t risk for going restitution in exchange for pursuit of a maximum criminal penalty, and most courts are interested in restoring value for the victim or victims.

Attorney Tad Nelson will help you if you need help defending yourself against white-collar criminal allegations by the government. You can call our office at any time at 409-765-5614.

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