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Updated: Jun 18, 2023 @ 5:38 pm

Experience Matters in Criminal Case Litigation

One of the best ways to deal with the challenges that accompany criminal charges is to retain an experienced defense attorney in Galveston, Texas. If you don’t have an aggressive attorney on your side, who can defend and use all means to protect your interest, you are putting your freedom at risk.

Contacting a skilled Galveston criminal defense attorney like Tad Nelson will ensure that you have the best chance of effectively fighting criminal charges.

What are the Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

As long as you are able to find an attorney who cares about your situation you can have confidence that they’ll go the extra mile if the situation justifies it. A good criminal lawyer has only one job, and that job is to be your advocate. Tad Nelson, founder of The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, takes each of his client’s cases as personal challenges that need to be overcome.

A criminal defense attorney like Tad Nelson will protect your rights and fight for your interest from your first court date to the trial (if it goes that far). Galveston defense lawyer Tad Nelson will assess your situation and develop a litigation strategy that will lead to a positive outcome.

Put Tad’s Experience on Your Side

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Working with Galveston Criminal Attorney Tad Nelson will ensure that your case remains on the right track. Defense lawyers with experience aren’t easy to find and they tend to be highly adept in courtroom procedures and the criminal justice system as a whole. Attorney Tad Nelson will utilize his knowledge of the law and legal precedent to ensure that your case is strong enough to warrant a verdict in your favor.

Poor Lawyering Results in Stiff Penalties

The better your attorney, the better your situation will be when your case concludes. We’ve seen some defendants get 20 years for a homicide that should have been handled as negligent homicide which would have resulted in a 6 month prison sentence.

There are many procedures that the general public & rookie lawyers aren’t aware of. With that said, experienced Galveston County prosecutors are usually brutal, they will advocate for highest penalty they think that can get. You will need an experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to work the court and jurors for your benefit.

Take Action As Soon As Possible

Taking action immediately will ensure the best chance for success with your case. In Galveston, TX, the justice system is strict, and prosecutors are relentless. If you take too long to hire an attorney the Galveston County prosecutor may be able to develop a stronger case against you. Seeking legal representation should be your first priority if you’re accused of any crime.

Contact Galveston Criminal Lawyer Tad Nelson

Appearing at courtroom hearings alone is the fastest way to lose favor with the judge. Galveston lawyer Tad Nelson is on your side if you’ve been accused of any form of criminal offense in Galveston County. Whether you’ve been accused of a felony or misdemeanor, drug or sex crime, attorney Tad Nelson and attorney Amber Spurlock are ready to talk with you about your case and give you the best advice to move forward.

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