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Drug Crimes

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Updated: Dec 27, 2022 @ 3:59 pm

Dealing with accusations of a drug related criminal offense is a serious matter justifying the immediate attention of a qualified Galveston drug crimes lawyer that has a genuine interest in obtaining a favorable disposition for you from the court of law.

Galveston criminal defense lawyer Tad Nelson is a former assistant Assistant District Attorney giving him a special insight into what legal remedies to focus on during litigation involving drug charges, and other crimes related to narcotics, on behalf of his clients.

Guilty Or Innocent

Regardless of whether you’ve been accused of the possession, manufacture, or distribution, of heroin, crack/cocaine, marijuana, meth amphetamines, illegally obtained prescription drugs, or you’ve been accused by law enforcement of doctor shopping, few drug case lawyers in Galveston are better equipped with enough related experience to offer you a reasonable chance of getting out of jail time in the event that you admit guilt to the court of law.

If you say you are innocent of the criminal charges against you, we’ll take your word for it. We’ll also take your case to trial for a full blown court-room battle if we need to during the coarse of defending your rights, and your innocence.

A Formidable Drug Crime Defense

As the former Asst. DA, he’s well aware of the methodology used by drug offense prosecutors in the construction of their cases, and the structuring of their arguments. In many cases, Galveston lawyer Tad Nelson has left the D.A. stumped when it comes to responding to his arguments during the course of evidentiary hearings in which crucial evidence can be thrown out of court during felony drug trials.

In most cases when important evidence is thrown out of court during the course of drug trials, case dismissals result.

In short, a number of the pre-trial work hours are dedicated to the design of an effective defense strategy that will directly challenge the allegations of Galveston County and Federal prosecutors regarding your involving in any criminal offense involving drugs in Galveston and Texas.

Drug offenses in Texas are harshly prosecuted especially if you’re charged in connection with heroin or cocaine. The situation becomes more serious if you’ve been arrested for drug trafficking or other related drug dealing offenses.

Galveston drug crimes specialist Tad A. Nelson is ready help you. These types of criminal cases can be won.

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