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Cocaine Possession

Updated: Mar 31, 2024 @ 10:04 pm

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Arrested for Cocaine Possession in Galveston?

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The environment for people are facing criminal charges in Galveston in connection with cocaine is hostile to say the least. When fighting drug charges involving allegations of cocaine possession (or distribution) in Galveston courtrooms, the presumption of innocence, as traditionally prescribed by the law, flies right out the window.

If the person in the defendant’s chair has priors on their criminal record, the situation is even worse.

Although Galveston is often regarded as the part of Houston with beaches (it’s not part of Houston!), it’s really a small country town whose inhabitants have traditional rural values which means a harsh stance on crime. Thus, jurors in Galveston County major drug trials come from this “small town” persuasion.

As a Galveston native and veteran Galveston criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Tad Nelson is well aware of the most effective methods of communicating with jurors and working with the District Attorney’s office on behalf of our clients.

If you need help and are facing felony drug charges in Galveston County, TX, contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today at 409-765-5614 or message us.

Cocaine Related Drug Offenses are Serious

Possession of Any Amount is a Felony


In cocaine possession cases, if the defendant is represented by a criminal defense attorney with limited experience “winning” cocaine cases (as opposed to merely representing people arrested for cocaine possession and claiming that, in itself, to be “experience”), they normally get the maximum sentence when they are convicted.

And normally, for nothing more than ineffective counsel, they are convicted.

This is normally what occurred when you see a person in jail serving 10 years for 1 gram of cocaine bunked with a person serving 2 years for having a 170 grams of cocaine in their possession.

There are two types of defense lawyers; one that shows up in court to administrate the flow of their client’s cases, and the ones that show up to attack the state’s claims while working feverishly to free their client.

Experience exercising a strong defense strategy and experience showing up in court, are different.

Penalties if Convicted of Cocaine Possession

If convicted, the penalties for cocaine possession in Texas can change your life forever depending on the amount of the drug involved in your case.

The classification for the offense can range from “State Jail Felony” to “Enhanced First Degree Felony.” This distinction will have a direct impact on the severity of punishment a convicted party may be forced to endure.

Below we’ve added a table to give you a better illustration of the sentencing guidelines for cocaine related drug crimes in the state of Texas by weight.

Criminal Penalties for Cocaine Possession

Quantity Classification Penalty Fine
Under 1g Felony: State Jail Felony Prison: Up to 2 Years Up to $10,000
1 to 3.99g Felony: 3rd Degree Prison: 2 to 10 Years Up to $10,000
4 to 199g Felony: 2nd Degree Prison: 2 to 20 Years Up to $10,000
200-399g Felony: 1st Degree Prison: 5 to 99 Years Up to $100,000
Over 400g Felony: Enhance 1st Degree Prison: 10 to 99 Years Up to $250,000


Criminal Penalties for Cocaine Manufacture & Delivery

Quantity Classification Penalty Fine
Under 1g Felony: State Jail Felony Prison: Up to 2 Years Up to $10,000
1 to 3.99g Felony: 2nd Degree Prison: 2 to 20 Years Up to $10,000
4 to 199g Felony: 1st Degree Prison: 10 to 99 Years Up to $100,000
200-399g Felony: 1st Degree Prison: 10 to 99 Years Up to $100,000
Over 400g Felony: Enhanced 1st Degree Prison: 15 to 99 Years Up to $250,000


Facing Criminal Charges for Cocaine Possession?

You’ll Need Board Certified® Legal Representation.

Galveston criminal defense lawyer Tad A. Nelson is one of 10% of Texas attorneys who are Board Certified® by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for criminal defense litigation. With over 30 years of experience fighting allegations of drug related offenses, this means you’ll have one of Galveston’s best attorneys in your corner.

If you need legal representation or would like to find help for a loved one, we’ll help you. To schedule your free consultation to discuss your case with attorney Tad Nelson, call 409-765-5614 immediately.

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