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Heroin Offenses

Updated: Mar 31, 2024 @ 10:43 pm

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Heroin is becoming an increasingly serious problem for law enforcement in the Galveston area prompting aggressive drug enforcement practices. Any involvement with heroin has the potential to be a life changing experience for the worse as it is a serious felony charge.

Felony Drug Charges

Whether caught up in the addiction of the drug, or criminally charged for selling, manufacturing, or delivering heroin, involvement with the drug will result in serious consequences that may affect you for the rest of your life.

Criminal Penalties For Heroin Cases in Texas

Regardless of the amount of heroin in your possession at the time of arrest, you’re looking at a felony conviction which will result in fines and jail time in you’re found guilty in the court of law.

The table below offers a clear review of the potential penalties one may be facing if convicted of a drug related criminal offense involving heroin.

Amount of Heroin Offense Classification Potential Penalty
Less than 1 Gram State Jail Felony Up to 2 Years Prison & $10,000
1 – 3.99 Grams 3rd Degree Felony 2-10 yrs. Prison & $10,000
4 – 199 Grams 2nd Degree Felony 2-20 yrs. Prison & $10,000
200 – 399 Grams 1st Degree Felony 5-99 yrs. Prison & $10,000
400+ Grams Enhanced 1st Degree Felony 10-99 yrs. Prison & $100,000

Although criminal penalties can be tough for a person convicted in the Galveston County, TX courts for a criminal offense related to heroin, a number of these form of drug cases end in plea agreements.

Fortunately, people accused of heroin possession for the first time can avoid jail time and get a second chance as long as all probationary requirements and/or drug treatment programs are successfully completed/satisfied.

Galveston Attorney Tad Nelson Will Fight The Charge

If you’ve been arrested in connection with heroin, contact Galveston criminal justice lawyer Tad Nelson at 409-765-5614 for help. All heroin cases result in felony charges which is the type of offense you want to keep off your record if possible.

Even if you think you don’t have a chance of beating a major heroin case, there are a number of details involved in any criminal case which, depending on the circumstances and the analysis of those particular details, will dictate whether or not the District Attorney has a legitimate lawful case against you.

If you decide not to contact attorney Tad Nelson about your case, be sure to contact another equally qualified criminal lawyer in Galveston with a board certification in criminal law, and experience fighting drug charges, so we can fight the charge.

Heroin Possession: Felony Drug Charges

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