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Updated: May 29, 2023 @ 11:01 pm

5 Key Factors for Beating Galveston Criminal Charges

I’m Tad Nelson, a Galveston native who has practiced law here since 1991. As a Board Certified® Criminal Law Attorney and an ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist, I’ve spent my career helping our friends and neighbors fight criminal allegations by law enforcement.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize what’s at stake when you’re faced with criminal charges. Your career, family, and freedom could be at stake. I know the anxiety associated with such circumstances. Our law firm is here to offer our experience should you need legal representation.

As a community centered law firm, we’re committed to arming you with knowledge. If you’re facing criminal charges in Galveston County, our goal is to also give you a sense of reassurance and put you on the path towards the best possible outcome.

There are lots of factors can influence the outcome of a criminal case. Let’s review the most important factors in successfully resolving a criminal case in Galveston County.

Affirming Your Constitutional Rights

First off, know your rights under the Constitution of the United States. You’ve probably heard the term Miranda Rights – these are your basic rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present during any police questioning.

Your Miranda Rights are grounded in the Fifth Amendment, which protects you against self-incrimination, and the Sixth Amendment, which guarantees the right to counsel.

Now, what does that mean for you?

Simply put, you’re protected from snitching on yourself and you’re guaranteed legal representation. You don’t have to provide any information that could be used against you in court. Always take advantage of your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel.

Although affirming your rights won’t stop the handcuffs, the ride or the criminal charges, they’ll ensure that you’re in the best position to defend yourself from prosecution later.

Your Defense Attorney

The skill and experience of the defense attorney you hire can significantly impact the outcome of your case. When you’re faced with criminal charges, you’re better off hiring a lawyer with significant experience fighting similar charges in Galveston County.

Why does it matter? Well, every jurisdiction has its own quirks. Tad Nelson & Associates is familiar with Galveston County courts and have an in-depth understanding of how things work. We know the local prosecutors, judges, and courtroom procedures. Sometimes, this can be an advantage.

The right attorney is always going to be one that has experience in handling cases similar to yours. They should also have a proven track record in negotiating plea bargains, winning at trial, and successfully managing the appeals process.

The Evidence

Under the Texas Rules of Evidence, all evidence presented in court must be relevant, legally obtained, and reliable. Our job as your criminal defense lawyer is to challenge any evidence that doesn’t meet these criteria.

For example, if police obtained evidence during an unlawful search of your property, that evidence might be deemed inadmissible in court under the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

As your defense attorney, we’re certainly interested in highlighting these issues and raising appropriate objections.

But that’s not all. Even if the evidence was obtained legally, we can still challenge its validity.

  • Did the crime lab correctly handle the blood samples?
  • Was the evidence properly stored?
  • Are there chain of custody issues with the evidence?
  • Can the state produce the evidence?
  • Was the breathalyzer device properly calibrated?

These are the questions our legal team is always interested in answering. Depending on the information we obtain, we can easily create reasonable doubt for jurors.

The Defense Strategy

Once we know the extent of the charges and evidence against you, we can develop a strategic defense plan tailored to you. There are several common defenses under the Texas Penal Code that might apply to your case, including self-defense, necessity, duress, and consent, among others.

However, building a defense strategy is not about picking a random strategy.

Developing a defense strategy demands a thorough analysis of your case, reviewing police reports, witness statements, and other relevant details. Only then can we determine the best strategy to fight the charge(s).

For example, if you’re facing assault charges, showing that you acted in self-defense might be a suitable strategy when there’s evidence to support the claim.

Conversely, if you’re charged with possession of a controlled substance, demonstrating that you didn’t know the drugs were in your possession could be a viable defense.

Remember, the key is building a defense strategy that fits the unique facts of your case.

Negotiating a Plea Bargain

Not every criminal case ends up in a trial. In fact, the majority of criminal cases are resolved during pre-trial proceedings. This is a process where we can negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your charges or lessen the sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.

While it might seem counterintuitive to plead guilty, sometimes it’s the best strategy. If the evidence against you is strong, usually entering a plea deal is the best idea.

Plea bargaining can help you avoid the uncertainty of a trial and the potential for a more severe sentence. Negotiating a plea deal with the state requires skill and experience. We don’t recommend negotiation a plea agreement or talking with police without the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Facing Criminal Charges in Galveston?

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If you seeking options to defend against criminal charges in Galveston, our law firm is here to help. Led by Texas Board Certified® Criminal Law Attorney Tad Nelson, our team has extensive experience helping people to get their cases dismissed, win in jury trials, and negotiate excellent plea deals.

Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, the consequences of conviction can be severe with lifelong impacts. Our law firm is committed to help you avoid these consequences.

We provide free consultations, affordable legal fees, and excellent legal representation. If you need to learn more about your rights and legal options, contact our law firm today at 409-765-5614.

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