To Be Taken Seriously: Sex Crime Allegations/Threats

When you’re charged with sexual assault, rape, statutory rape (common among adult teenagers), or any other sex crime, you can expect a rough experience in court, your community, and even worse, jail if you are convicted only to be followed by a lifetime of administrative persecution.

Our society frowns upon sex crimes, and rightfully so, but innocent men who are being wrongfully convicted for sex crimes are on the rise in the United States, and this is normally due to poor representation by “would-be” sex crime defense lawyers who lack experience litigating sexual assault cases.

Common Reasons for Sex Crime Charges

The most common reasons for my being hired as the attorney of record for a case set for criminal trial in the Galveston County Court at Law, is almost always because of unfounded/frivolous sex related assault allegations. False allegations of sexual assault, and even accusations of the possession of child porn, are normally falsely alleged due to the following;Galveston County Jail

  • Family Disputes,
  • Extortion, & Corporate Warfare (Defamation of Character)
  • Divorce Proceedings and Child Custody battles,
  • Blackmail,
  • Mistaken Identity.

(If someone is using threats of sexual crime accusations against you, call me.)

There are a number of other reasons why a prosecutor may be tempted to pursue criminal charges in Galveston County, TX, but we have experience defending Texans from prosecution attempts and the scientific credentials to make our defense strategy effective & credible.

A Life-Long Persecution of Sex Offenders

Even after a convicted sex offender has served their time, they are still imprisoned. A convicted sex offender, after release, must register as a sex offender which can result in their being harassed as they attempt to move on in their lives and become better people. Often, sex offenders are pushed to the fringes of society, and put in a predicament detrimental to the concept of life in a free, so-called “civilized”, society.

Legal Representation is a MUST HAVE

Whether you did the crime you were accused to have committed, or not, the last thing you want to do is stick your head in front of the double-barreled shotgun of the Galveston County Court at Law without being shielded by the best Galveston criminal defense attorney, with experience representing defendants of sex crimes, you can find.Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

Lawyer Tad Nelson is a Board Certified® expert in criminal law, a profound practitioner of criminal defense litigation, a highly decorated graduate of the National College of DUI Defense, and recently earned his Master Degree in Forensic Science to compliment his distinction as an ACS/CHAL Forensic Lawyer Scientist.

If you’re serious about fighting for your life, and fighting allegations of a sex crime is just that, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates by calling our Galveston, Texas law office at 409-765-5614.

To Be Taken Seriously: Sex Crime Allegations/Threats