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Updated: Apr 30, 2024 @ 4:42 am

Heroin: Becoming a Problem in Texas?

Heroin is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the Houston-Galveston area driving the need for the public to become more aware of the encroachment of heroin on our communities. With a drug as dangerous as heroin, its important to notice the signs of a heroin user so you can get help for a loved before the drug takes a strong grip on them.

Below is an inside look at how heroin is brought on to the international illicit drug market. Produced by National Geographic, the featured film takes a look at heroin from the poppy plant in Afghanistan, all the way through the production process to sale in major cities of the United States, as well as other major metropolitan hubs in Europe and Asia.

Heroin: An Inside Look from Drugs Inc.

  • For some heroin addicts, their addictions control them on a daily basis, and even if they did want to get off the drug, some say they can’t.
  • In the video there was a female addict who prostitutes to feed her heroin habit. This is a spot on example of how drug use can lead to other crimes.
  • It has been documented that heroin rewires the human brain making it necessary for heroin addicts to inject the drug in order feel normal, or to overcome “dope sickness“.
  • More than 75% of the world heroin supply comes from the poppy farms of Afghanistan where the drug warlords buy it (the opium) for less than 40.00 per kilo.
  • Drug warlords control most of Afghanistan. Once the opium is gathered it is then exported to Iran where it is transformed into what we know as heroin. The Iranian military is always actively working to prevent the drug from coming into their country. However, they aren’t able to completely stamp it out.
  • Once the 40.00 per kilo opium is transformed to heroin, it can fetch up to 130,000.00 in the United States, and perhaps more in Europe.
  • Drug traffickers have stockpiled over 12000 tons of opium in order to keep the prices artificially high. This is enough dope to keep the world’s heroin addicts high for over 2 years. And this is before it’s stepped on.
  • When heroin makes its way to street level dealers in cities like Houston and Chicago its less than 30% pure. Once the drug gets to street level dealers they will mix it with rat poison, brick powder, or chalk to stretch their supply. Obviously this represents a serious danger to the user in addition to the dangers of heroin itself.

Arrested for a Heroin Offense?

Galveston Criminal Defense Lawyer Tad Nelson Can Help!

Tad Nelson is a well respected drug charge lawyer and has served his clients, many of which wrongfully accused of criminal offenses, for over 25 years. If you’ve been arrested for a criminal offense related to the possession of heroin in any shape, form, or fashion, you’re looking at a serious felony offense that can net you a prison sentence of anywhere from 2-99 years (depending on the details of your case) in a Texas correctional institution.

As one of less than 10% of Texas lawyers who hold a board certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, when you are represented by Galveston criminal defense attorney Tad Nelson you can be assured that you’re represented by one of the best attorneys in Galveston when it comes to fighting allegations of drug related criminal charges.

Heroin: Drugs Inc. | Galveston Criminal Attorney

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